“They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they all are the same.”

Harvey Mentality.

I don’t remember a single day in my life when I acted normal as everyone else. I was that rowdy student in the quiet class; but that silent girl among the quarrelsome people. I wanted to pilot the empty sky, when the rest wanted to work the busy land. I used to love reading, while the rest loved talking. I used to love writing down on my notebook using my pencil, when others used their tablets and their smart pens. I was that honest girl who used to hate hearing compliments when others adored it. I’ve always been the one with a change of opinion in simple cases, but the one who is stubborn when the situation calls for it. I have never given up on something I wanted. My principle in life has always been following this sentence, “I will hold on to what I want until my last breath; but if life wants to take it from me, I will easily let it go, because it never meant to be mine.” And years later, when I remember this matter, I won’t feel the regrets. I will proudly say it in my loudest voice, and in front of everyone, that I did not give up so easily, but fate did not choose it for me, because I deserved what was designed only for me.

2016 was the year when I started using Pinterest. My path started in Pinterest with just saving other people’s edits. In the year of 2019, I opened up this website, and in order for me to gain views, I started downloading the pictures that I used to like on Pinterest, and linking them to my website. Days passed, and I started thinking of doing something better than that on my website; not like anyone else, just getting views for nothing. So, in 2020, I thought first, of sharing my college classes, like homework, quizzes and these stuff. But, in 2021, I wanted to do something deeper than that. I wanted to do something that belongs to the Pinterest pictures without stealing other people’s work; giving to their edits credits, and at the same time, putting my hand print. So, I finally came up with the final idea. Share all the edits I like on my website, give their editors credits, and write down a story that could belong to these pictures from at least one side. And the plot was finally completed by the end of the year of 2022.

This website wasn’t done in one night. It took me years to create it, design it, and write it. It went through a long process; from me, first, picking the pictures that could touch my heart from the first sight, to searching for the editors, photographers of the pictures. Then create a Pinterest board that fits these pictures to put them all together. And after that, think of a story that could relate to the boards from any point; write it down, organize it, and share it, with the pictures under it. And because of the missing links in the idea of my website, I had to re-edit a lot of my shared posts, and repost them in better ways. So, if you are an old reader, you might find one of the stories that you read, under another title. Or a story got some updates, and changed from 9 chapters to 19 chapters. Thank you so much for bearing with me.

Owning a website never was an easy idea. But once it completes, it just gives you that beautiful vibe of achieving something, especially when your expectations from that thing were nothing. To be clear about it, all of the stories on my website, with no exceptions, are 100% belonging to me; some are real, and some are fictional, depending on my mood when I decide to write them. But the pictures on my website belong to other people, and I worked on giving credits to most of them, but not all of them, due to me not finding the real editor or photographer. Some other pictures are taken by me; like the ones that are in the Coming Soon section, and Hallucinations category. I edited other pictures too, and I have mentioned my name next to other editor’s names. So, if you are an editor or a photographer who found his picture on my website without reading your name, please send me, on the get in touch link, your name, and your own edit or photograph, and I will mention you.

Also, as I’m a flying bird during holidays, and I love visiting and checking out new places, I photograph and record a lot of videos and pictures. I’m planning on uploading all of them on my youtube channel. For now, my channel doesn’t have any recorded videos yet, but soon it will. So, if you are interested in sharing my journeys with me, please go subscribe. And if you want to be from my early favorites, send me your name, and your channel name through a direct message on my Instagram page, so, I save you for future references; you won’t regret it, trust me. If you don’t use Instagram, you can reach me through whatever Social Link you want. I mean, I did my best on creating accounts on most of the social media, hope this could be good for you.

Last but not least, to the readers, subscribers, and followers who have been spending long times with me, on my Pinterest, and on my website; reading probably the same story twice, seeing all the changes and updates; I love you so much, like how Rain loved Cloud. And due to me not being able to know all of you, I will kindly ask you to send me a coffee, by pressing on the blue cup circle, at the right bottom of my website’s page. And please, don’t forget to leave me a note with your name, and whatever social app you want me to be active with you on. I’ll do my best to stay active with you.

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I love you all so much; thank you for being loyal, and staying with me during all these years! I’m thinking of making a special day for us, so we all celebrate together. I will tell you when, once I make my final decision.

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