Evening Tones Part Nine

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“This love left a permanent mark. This love is glowing in the dark.”

By the end of the day, the cute girl went back home and never slept. She was working on her project that’s due tomorrow. She was coloring the sides of one of the parts that were drawn on her project paper. She stayed awake until 6:00 am, then she slept two hours and woke up at 9:00 am. Her hair wasn’t that much organized. She pulled her hair into a cute bun, and she wore a PTK black hoodie, having the PTK written on it in a neon color. with black jeans. Then she went to her college. Her professor liked her project a lot and she got full credit. On this day, she was having two evening lectures. One of them starts at 6:00, and ends at 8:00. While the other starts at 9:00 and ends at 10:30.

When her final lecture ended, the lecture hall’s door was opened, and everyone started getting out. “You didn’t tell me your name? For me, my name is…” The cute girl said, with her cute bun and her PTK hoodie. “I know your name.” The handsome man interrupted her. He was wearing a casual black shirt, with PTK shining letters. And just jeans, not a suit this time. “You know my name? How?… Okay, what is it then?” The cute girl said. He approached her left ear and whispered, “Roady.” and touched her left arm, and started moving it slowly. Then the cute girl opened her eyes, realizing that she was sleeping on the desk in the lecture hall. She sighed without moving her head, feeling so sad that someone tried to wake her up, and ruined her dream again. She raised her head, rubbing her head and eyes. And looked at the one who was waking her up, and paused in shock.

He was looking at her in a very cute way, she couldn’t believe it. She thought that she was having a nice dream that is going to end very soon. She sat in her place staring at him without saying a word. He didn’t say a word either. He kept looking at her, smiling. She laid back, sitting in a better way, asking, “Are we meeting in my dreams now?” He smiled in a very cute way, “No, it’s 10:49 pm, and you are right now in your college. Your hoodie with the PTK sign, and my casual clothes are proof. No suits and dresses.”

She looked at her hoodie, then thought for a while and said, “Yes, I fell asleep in the lecture. And I might be still sleeping now, and I’m just dreaming about you.” “I didn’t know that you liked me that much to insist on dreaming about me, actually.” “What? No, no you are not real. You, you came to my dreams four times and this is the fifth one.”

Then she stood up taking her books, laptop, backpack and wanted to leave the lecture’s hall. “And four times, someone ruined our dream. Are you going to ruin the real moment now by running away?” She stopped and looked at him, saying, “It’s real? How… how did you know about the four dreams?” He walked towards her, “Because I saw you four times in my dreams. The first time, you were wearing a purple dress. And the second time, you were wearing the red one. But the third time, you were wearing a black skirt with a navy sweater. And on the fourth time, I only saw your maroon lips. So, I guess your dress was maroon.” 

She looked at him and still couldn’t believe it. Then she pulled up her phone and called her sister. “Roady” “Hi, hmm, I have a weird question.” “What is it?” “Am I sleeping in my bed?” The handsome man laughed. “What? Sis are you okay, you’re at your college, and as far as I know your lecture finished about 29 minutes ago.”

The cute girl smiled looking at the handsome man and said to her sister on the phone, “You’re real.” “Me? What? Sister seriously?! Are you okay?” Her sister said through the phone. “I’m doing better than I ever was.” The cute girl said while looking at the handsome man, then she continued, “I love you sister.” Then the cute girl closed the phone. And kept looking at the handsome man.

They both walked next to each other, smiling. His perfume smell was exactly the same as how it was in the dream. And her shampoo smell was also the same. They kept walking, and smiling to each other without saying a word. The glowing lights were like telling them to dance under the dark sky. He stopped walking, and looked at her; smiled, and extended his right hand, putting his left hand behind his back, and was like asking, “Can we have our first real dance together while the music is playing inside the building?”

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Credits: unknown.

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Evening Tones Part Eight

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“The lips I used to call home, so scarlet. It was maroon.”

The cute girl got out of her bed and opened the door. “Good morning, I just wanted to tell you that the water will stop reaching your house because we’re having some technical issues that we are fixing. It won’t take so long, we will cut it after nearly half an hour. Sorry about this.” A man said.

“No problem! Thank you for letting me know.” Then the cute girl closed her house door and looked at her bed, feeling so upset that she was about to see him but couldn’t. She looked at the painting and smiled a light smile. She made up her bed. Took a quick shower, then made her latte coffee cup.

She took her bag and went to her college. “Did you sleep well yesterday?” One of her friends asked her. “Yes, I did indeed. Did you guys do something fun last night?” “I saw him.” One of her friends approached, whispering. The cute girl smiled, and said, “Did you talk to him?” “I couldn’t. But guess what? He is single.” The cute girl burst out laughing, and said,“Well it’s your chance then to get him.” Her friend wanted to say something, but the lecture started.

By the end of the day, the cute girl went back home. She showered, prepared her hot jasmine tea, and sat down on her office table. She took out all of her stuff and started working on her college project that’s due in two days. She was drawing on the paper, and staring at the handsome man’s painting, hoping to sleep tonight and see him in her dreams again without being ruined.

It was 3:00 am, the cute girl felt so tired and started yawning. Then she decided to leave her project and go to sleep. She stood up, washing her tea cup and looked through her bedroom window. Everything was so quiet, she stayed for a while looking at the maroon sky then she left her curtains open and went to her bed.

She closed her eyes, then she fell asleep. A view of a lot of burgundy roses moving with the cold breeze. Clouds started moving in a maroon sky. Everything was crimson red. She saw the bottom part of her face. Her lips were so scarlet. She started hearing heels walking on the ground. Few seconds later, She saw a bloody red bow tie on a man’s neck. He was also approaching, hearing the steps of his shoes hitting the ground. He came so close to her, and suddenly a strong light flashed inside her eyes. The cute girl opened her eyes, the sun was hitting her face. She sat in her bed and felt upset that she didn’t see him this time too. She prepared herself and went to her college.

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Evening Tones Part Seven

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“In losing Grip. On sinking ships. You showed up just in time.”

The cute girl picked up her mini cooper car keys and left her house, going to her college. She did well in her test. She finished her entire classes and by the end of the day, her friends asked her, “Hey, we’re going out tonight, you wanna come? We’re gonna have fun especially after that heavy test!”

The cute girl thought for a while then remembered her dream and said, “No actually, I really want to spend a very quiet night and have some rest. I’ve been stressed so much in the past couple of days.” “Okay then, see you tomorrow.” “See you guys.” Then she ran quickly in a very excited way towards her car and drove back home.

When she arrived, she took a shower, wore her navy pajamas and looked at the painting that she drew. He was looking so handsome even in the painting. She immediately went to her bed, she closed her eyes, waiting for herself to fall asleep and start dreaming.

The cute girl was wearing a black winter skirt, an indigo winter sweater and a dark blue winter hat. She was looking through the window at the navy sky. It was quiet outside, she looked at the clock, it was 9:00 pm. She pulled up her black bag, wore her black shoes and went outside her beautiful house.

Her convertible mini cooper car was ink blue. She got in it and started driving until she reached a very beautiful place. There were some decorations between the trees. The place was high and overlooking the sea. The cute girl looked at the ground and found some arrows leading her to move to the right place.

She started following the arrows, until she reached the place where ships were loaded. The arrow was telling her to get into one of the ships. She walked through the entire ship until she reached the end. And saw a table and two chairs on a piece of ice on the surface of the water. She smelled him from behind then started smiling. He was as usual so handsome, but was wearing a navy suit this time and not a black one. He smiled at her, and started approaching. She wanted to turn her face to look at him. But suddenly a knocking door woke her up.

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Evening Tones Part Six

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“Standing there in my party dress. In red lipstick. With no one to impress.”

She fell asleep, and that’s when she saw herself getting out of her red convertible Mini Cooper car this time. Wearing her red dress, with her red lipstick and her black eyeliner. She smiled at the security men, giving the keys again to the valet parking man, and ran quickly into the hall. Everyone looked at her, wondering why she was running. The hall was different from the previous dream’s hall, the tables, the people, she didn’t know anyone.

She left the hall, looking around hoping to find a chair, a tree or an empty place so she could find him. But no, he wasn’t anywhere. She went to the security to ask them, but she didn’t know what to say, she didn’t even know his name. She went back inside the hall and picked some table so she could stand next to it. And kept waiting, while drinking the strawberry red juice.

She watched everyone. Everyone was different from the previous time. Even her friends, they were not there, and his friends too were not there. She looked all around the hall, everything was different, there was no big wall like the previous hall. She stood quietly looking at the entrance door, hoping for him to show up there.

It was 12:00 am, and she was still waiting, but he didn’t show up. She started to feel upset and gave up leaving the hall. She went towards the doors but the security wasn’t there. She tried to open the doors but they were locked. She started looking around, until she found a balcony that had little stairs that she could turn around, and move to where the valet parking was. She raised her head, looking at the sky. She went down the stairs, and while she was turning left, she suddenly smelled his perfume.

She didn’t look back. She stood in her place, closing her eyes. Few seconds later, he put his lips beside her right ear, whispering from behind her, “Were you leaving without seeing me?” She opened her eyes, and her heart skipped a beat. She turned slowly looking at him. He leaned a little bit towards her, his face was so close, then he whispered, “I promised you that I’ll see you again in your dreams, and here I am.” She was about to say something but a danger alarm rang from the left side, they both looked at their left side.

The cute girl immediately woke up, and turned her face looking left at the alarm. Then she pulled up her phone reading, (Wake up, you have a test today.) She turned off the danger alarm, then she threw her phone away, rubbing her head. She went to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, saying, “I was looking so pretty this time, and he was so close. We didn’t catch up to dance, and he couldn’t promise he’d see me again. And I didn’t know his name so I can ask about him next time.” Then she sighed. She opened the tap to wash her face then said, sadly, “I’m not okay, I’m not okay at all today.”

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Evening Tones Part Five

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“Small talk, he drives. Coffee at midnight.”

She woke up, realizing herself sleeping in her bedroom. She turned off her piano music alarm, feeling kind of happy that she danced with him. Even though that was in her dreams, still, this long dance dream made her entire day happy. She went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee to wake herself up, and kept smiling, thinking of that beautiful dream. After a long college day, she went back home and took a shower.

After that, she grabbed a painting, sat on her bed, and started drawing him. His elegant suit, bow tie with that expensive watch. His shaved face, organized hair, and his handsome features. She smelled his perfume like he was standing in front of her while she was drawing him.

She put the painting on a stand in front of her bed, next to her window. The painting felt so real like this man actually existed in real life. But in fact, she has never seen him before. The only time she saw him was in her dreams. It was 3:00 am. She felt so sleepy, and yawned. She looked through her window. It was raining in a very nice way. 

She saw someone walking alone, putting his hands inside his jacket’s pockets. She grabbed her latte cup from her office table, and drank a sip while watching the man walking. He disappeared under the trees. She stood for a couple seconds then she closed her curtains. She looked back at her office table and started organizing the stuff. Then she finished her latte cup, went to the kitchen, washed it, and went back to her bedroom.

She looked at the painting, got closer, smiled, and whispered, “You look so real. I didn’t know that I’m a good painter until I drew you.” She smiled, feeling so hopeful. Then she opened up her bed cover, laid down inside her bed, turned off her lamp shade and closed her eyes, smiling, hoping to see him in her dreams again like how he promised her.

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Evening Tones Part Four

The picture is taken from: Instagram. Credit: @neslihanatagul.

“One look, dark room, meant just for you.”

They both were dancing on the walkway that was surrounded by the green grass and roses all around. Her friends inside the hall were also dancing with his friends. No one actually noticed their disappearance and they didn’t even care about anything else. They both were the only two in that garden.

Dancing on the songs one by one, changing from, Elivs Presley to George Michael, to Frank Sinatra, to Enrique Iglesias, to Michael Jackson, to Shayne Ward. From slow, to swing, to salsa, to tap dancing, and the moonwalk. They both were living the moment with every second in it, jumping, laughing and moving right to left and left to right.

The security men heard something coming from the garden and one of them went to check. He looked at both of them dancing, he smiled then went back to where he was and told his friend, “It seems like there are two whose minds matched together, and don’t like being with people. They are dancing alone under the crescent moon.” The other man laughed.

Time passed in a strange way, they didn’t feel it at all. Everyone left and the two of them stayed dancing until dawn. The brown wall clock, that was inside one of the rooms that were inside that hall, turned to 6:00 am. The sky became no longer so black. The cool breeze made his graceful smell wafting towards her, and her hair shampoo smell rising towards him.

There was no music sound anymore, The birds’ sounds started showing up. And butterflies were flying all around them. The trees’ leafs up of them, were waving in a quiet way, making such a nice sound with the birds that were standing on the trunks whistling every second. They both looked around them at the trees’ brown trunks, then smiled at each other.

They both stopped dancing, and looked at each other like they were both saying it was one of the best nights in their entire life. He grabbed her right hand and kissed it, and whispered, “My lady, I’ll see you again in your dreams.” She looked at him, while he was contemplating her features, smiling in a very decent way. Then a light piano music started playing.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Credits: @neslihanatagul / unknown.

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Evening Tones Part Three

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“Skies grew darker, currents swept you out again.”

He smiled deeply, leaving the balcony, heading towards her. He left the hall, walking all around. He headed to where the girl was sitting. Then he saw her closer. She didn’t move, didn’t disappear. She was just sitting there looking at the crescent moon.

The clouds were moving slowly hiding some of the stars. He got closer. She closed her eyes, smelling his perfume, getting closer from behind her. She didn’t turn around, didn’t move, just kept her eyes closed, smelling that graceful smell while smiling. And finally, he sat beside her on the chair, that’s when she opened her eyes, and looked at him closely for the first time.

He was looking, contemplating her in a calm way, as if he was looking at a painting full of details. “I’ve seen you before, cute lady.” He said. She smiled and said, “I’ve seen you before too.” “Where?” He asked her. “I can’t remember.” She replied. He turned his face looking at the ground, then said, “I can’t remember either.”

Then he looked at her again, saying, “But, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” He whispered. She smiled without saying a word, then turned her face. He stood up, extended his right hand towards her, while putting his left hand behind his back, leaning a little bit with his deep black suit towards her while she was sitting, asking, “My lady, can you share with me my very first dance in my entire life?”

She looked at him smiling, “It is my pleasure to share with you the very first dance of my life.” Then she put her hand inside his hand, and stood up. He stared for a while at her, feeling so precious that he is the very first man to dance with her, the same way that she is the very first lady in his entire life.

The night was actually more calm than they both expected. The sky was getting darker, and clearer while the clouds were moving away, leaving the crescent moon shining alone with a couple of stars. The music wasn’t as loud as they were in the hall. But for both of them, the real music was the sights that they both were exchanging while they were dancing. They both were doing the same movements together like it wasn’t their first dance at all.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @unknown.