Evening Tones Part Eight

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“The lips I used to call home, so scarlet. It was maroon.”

The cute girl got out of her bed and opened the door. “Good morning, I just wanted to tell you that the water will stop reaching your house because we’re having some technical issues that we are fixing. It won’t take so long, we will cut it after nearly half an hour. Sorry about this.” A man said.

“No problem! Thank you for letting me know.” Then the cute girl closed her house door and looked at her bed, feeling so upset that she was about to see him but couldn’t. She looked at the painting and smiled a light smile. She made up her bed. Took a quick shower, then made her latte coffee cup.

She took her bag and went to her college. “Did you sleep well yesterday?” One of her friends asked her. “Yes, I did indeed. Did you guys do something fun last night?” “I saw him.” One of her friends approached, whispering. The cute girl smiled, and said, “Did you talk to him?” “I couldn’t. But guess what? He is single.” The cute girl burst out laughing, and said,“Well it’s your chance then to get him.” Her friend wanted to say something, but the lecture started.

By the end of the day, the cute girl went back home. She showered, prepared her hot jasmine tea, and sat down on her office table. She took out all of her stuff and started working on her college project that’s due in two days. She was drawing on the paper, and staring at the handsome man’s painting, hoping to sleep tonight and see him in her dreams again without being ruined.

It was 3:00 am, the cute girl felt so tired and started yawning. Then she decided to leave her project and go to sleep. She stood up, washing her tea cup and looked through her bedroom window. Everything was so quiet, she stayed for a while looking at the maroon sky then she left her curtains open and went to her bed.

She closed her eyes, then she fell asleep. A view of a lot of burgundy roses moving with the cold breeze. Clouds started moving in a maroon sky. Everything was crimson red. She saw the bottom part of her face. Her lips were so scarlet. She started hearing heels walking on the ground. Few seconds later, She saw a bloody red bow tie on a man’s neck. He was also approaching, hearing the steps of his shoes hitting the ground. He came so close to her, and suddenly a strong light flashed inside her eyes. The cute girl opened her eyes, the sun was hitting her face. She sat in her bed and felt upset that she didn’t see him this time too. She prepared herself and went to her college.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Credits: @instagram / unknown.

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