Evening Tones Part Four

The picture is taken from: Instagram. Credit: @neslihanatagul.

“One look, dark room, meant just for you.”

They both were dancing on the walkway that was surrounded by the green grass and roses all around. Her friends inside the hall were also dancing with his friends. No one actually noticed their disappearance and they didn’t even care about anything else. They both were the only two in that garden.

Dancing on the songs one by one, changing from, Elivs Presley to George Michael, to Frank Sinatra, to Enrique Iglesias, to Michael Jackson, to Shayne Ward. From slow, to swing, to salsa, to tap dancing, and the moonwalk. They both were living the moment with every second in it, jumping, laughing and moving right to left and left to right.

The security men heard something coming from the garden and one of them went to check. He looked at both of them dancing, he smiled then went back to where he was and told his friend, “It seems like there are two whose minds matched together, and don’t like being with people. They are dancing alone under the crescent moon.” The other man laughed.

Time passed in a strange way, they didn’t feel it at all. Everyone left and the two of them stayed dancing until dawn. The brown wall clock, that was inside one of the rooms that were inside that hall, turned to 6:00 am. The sky became no longer so black. The cool breeze made his graceful smell wafting towards her, and her hair shampoo smell rising towards him.

There was no music sound anymore, The birds’ sounds started showing up. And butterflies were flying all around them. The trees’ leafs up of them, were waving in a quiet way, making such a nice sound with the birds that were standing on the trunks whistling every second. They both looked around them at the trees’ brown trunks, then smiled at each other.

They both stopped dancing, and looked at each other like they were both saying it was one of the best nights in their entire life. He grabbed her right hand and kissed it, and whispered, “My lady, I’ll see you again in your dreams.” She looked at him, while he was contemplating her features, smiling in a very decent way. Then a light piano music started playing.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Credits: @neslihanatagul / unknown.

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