Evening Tones Part One

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: @maomao520.yeah.net.

“And you knew what it was, he is in love.”

It was 9:00 pm, the luxurious cars were passing outside. Every few seconds there were new people getting out of their cars, giving their keys to the car’s valet parking men. The place seemed so expensive and filled with very decorous people.

Inside the lilac hall, lights were on, the music was loud while everyone was dancing. Girls were wearing those luxurious dresses and that stylish high heels, while boys were wearing those elegant suits with those classic bow ties. The graceful perfumes smells were mounting all around the huge hall.

While the party was on, she was sitting on her small chair in front of her mirror looking so pretty and cute, putting on her very light makeup and her periwinkle eyeshadow. Her hair was beautifully pulled up. She put some rosy blush on her right cheek, smiling at her mirror, putting down the make up brush, looking at the reflection of her purple dress hanging on the hanger. She stood up, walking towards her dress, and started staring at it.

He was standing in the party with his friends checking his watch every nine seconds. He was looking so handsome with his shaved face, his elegant suit and bow tie, and his irresistible perfume smell. His friends were talking and winking at him, they knew that he was waiting for her, and hoping she would come.

The convertible white Mini Cooper arrived, and the cute girl got out of the car with her purple dress, wearing her delicate diamond necklace. She gave the keys to the valet parking man. The lavender was surrounding the hall’s huge gate. She went up the nine steps, then both security men opened the huge door for her, and she entered the hall.

And of course like fairy tales, everyone was looking at her while she was walking, she was so pretty, so cute and so natural. His friends saw her, and then he turned around and saw her. He was so deeply happy, but he wasn’t showing, he kept staring at her like he was seeing her for the first time.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @maomao520.yeah.net / @dotzsoh / @chantal jodin / @dotzsob / @lyla_ab / @Caters News Agency / @David Hook Art / @Cupcakeree.com / unknown.

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