Evening Tones Part Seven

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“In losing Grip. On sinking ships. You showed up just in time.”

The cute girl picked up her mini cooper car keys and left her house, going to her college. She did well in her test. She finished her entire classes and by the end of the day, her friends asked her, “Hey, we’re going out tonight, you wanna come? We’re gonna have fun especially after that heavy test!”

The cute girl thought for a while then remembered her dream and said, “No actually, I really want to spend a very quiet night and have some rest. I’ve been stressed so much in the past couple of days.” “Okay then, see you tomorrow.” “See you guys.” Then she ran quickly in a very excited way towards her car and drove back home.

When she arrived, she took a shower, wore her navy pajamas and looked at the painting that she drew. He was looking so handsome even in the painting. She immediately went to her bed, she closed her eyes, waiting for herself to fall asleep and start dreaming.

The cute girl was wearing a black winter skirt, an indigo winter sweater and a dark blue winter hat. She was looking through the window at the navy sky. It was quiet outside, she looked at the clock, it was 9:00 pm. She pulled up her black bag, wore her black shoes and went outside her beautiful house.

Her convertible mini cooper car was ink blue. She got in it and started driving until she reached a very beautiful place. There were some decorations between the trees. The place was high and overlooking the sea. The cute girl looked at the ground and found some arrows leading her to move to the right place.

She started following the arrows, until she reached the place where ships were loaded. The arrow was telling her to get into one of the ships. She walked through the entire ship until she reached the end. And saw a table and two chairs on a piece of ice on the surface of the water. She smelled him from behind then started smiling. He was as usual so handsome, but was wearing a navy suit this time and not a black one. He smiled at her, and started approaching. She wanted to turn her face to look at him. But suddenly a knocking door woke her up.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Credits: @randgolden / @KAGAYA / @instagram / unknown.

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