Evening Tones Part Three

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“Skies grew darker, currents swept you out again.”

He smiled deeply, leaving the balcony, heading towards her. He left the hall, walking all around. He headed to where the girl was sitting. Then he saw her closer. She didn’t move, didn’t disappear. She was just sitting there looking at the crescent moon.

The clouds were moving slowly hiding some of the stars. He got closer. She closed her eyes, smelling his perfume, getting closer from behind her. She didn’t turn around, didn’t move, just kept her eyes closed, smelling that graceful smell while smiling. And finally, he sat beside her on the chair, that’s when she opened her eyes, and looked at him closely for the first time.

He was looking, contemplating her in a calm way, as if he was looking at a painting full of details. “I’ve seen you before, cute lady.” He said. She smiled and said, “I’ve seen you before too.” “Where?” He asked her. “I can’t remember.” She replied. He turned his face looking at the ground, then said, “I can’t remember either.”

Then he looked at her again, saying, “But, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” He whispered. She smiled without saying a word, then turned her face. He stood up, extended his right hand towards her, while putting his left hand behind his back, leaning a little bit with his deep black suit towards her while she was sitting, asking, “My lady, can you share with me my very first dance in my entire life?”

She looked at him smiling, “It is my pleasure to share with you the very first dance of my life.” Then she put her hand inside his hand, and stood up. He stared for a while at her, feeling so precious that he is the very first man to dance with her, the same way that she is the very first lady in his entire life.

The night was actually more calm than they both expected. The sky was getting darker, and clearer while the clouds were moving away, leaving the crescent moon shining alone with a couple of stars. The music wasn’t as loud as they were in the hall. But for both of them, the real music was the sights that they both were exchanging while they were dancing. They both were doing the same movements together like it wasn’t their first dance at all.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @unknown.

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