Evening Tones Part Two

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: @Andrey Vinogradov.

“Tossing, turning. Struggled through the night with someone new.”

She stood beside her friend’s table, three tables from his. He kept staring at her all the time, she was smiling, talking, and drinking that blueberry juice that was put on all the tables. His friends went beside her friends and asked them for a dance. She stood alone beside her table smiling and watching everyone dancing. He kept standing beside his table alone too, staring at her and smiling.

For a while she stopped smiling and felt something, then she turned her face and saw him. He immediately turned his face, like he wasn’t staring at her at all, carrying his blueberry drink. She looked at him for a while, then she turned her face. Then he started staring at her again, she kept having that feeling but never turned her face at him again. She kept smiling with herself knowing him staring at her.

It was about to turn 12:00 am, the party was still on, and everyone kept dancing. She didn’t move nor did he. She drank a sip from her blueberry juice, and without noticing he did the same movement too. She glanced at him, and all of a sudden turned her face, catching him staring at her. Then she immediately turned her face back and became sure that he was actually staring at her, at her only.

Few seconds later, she suddenly moved. His eyes started chasing her until she disappeared behind one of the hall walls. He moved a little bit away from his table trying to find her. But no, she disappeared. He ran between people, following her, until he reached that wall that she disappeared behind, but she wasn’t there.

He went inside the empty passages that were in the hall, away from the crowd until he reached the bathrooms. He stood outside beside the men’s bathroom, putting his hands in his pockets, looking at the women’s bathroom, but she didn’t go out. He stood waiting for nine minutes, but she didn’t get out. Then a lady was about to enter the bathroom. He excused her to see if there was anyone inside, but there wasn’t.

He walked away feeling so sad, so disappointed that he lost her, until he reached the hall’s balcony. He opened up the door and went out. The balcony was overlooking the garden. He raised his head looking at the stars in that quiet night sky, with the crescent moon shining between them. putting his hands in his pockets. Few seconds later he looked down at the garden, and saw her back wearing that purple dress. She was sitting on a chair, under a tree, between the roses listening to the quietness of the night.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @Andrey Vinogradov / unknown.

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