Film Appreciation Chapter One MJS 1310 Quiz Answers

Film Appreciation MJS 1310 is a class that I was required to take in order to finish my degree requirements. I saved the answers of the quizzes I took, it may help you too while you are taking this class

Film Appreciation Chapter One (LOOKING AT MOVIES)

1. Movies convey and imply smaller, more specific doings of both explicit and implicit meaning in virtually every scene. (True)

2. An explicit meaning that lies below the surface of a movie’s story is closest to our everyday sense of the word meaning. (False)

3. The filmmaker’s intent is an important element to consider when preparing a formal analysis. (True)

4. It is not really possible to read more meaning into a particular visual or audio component of a film than the filmmaker intended. (False)

5. Audiences do not harbor any essential expectations concerning a film’s form and organization. (False)

6. Almost all commercial feature-length movies share this basic characteristic: _________. (narrative)

7. Movies have evolved into a complex form of artistic representation: (in just over a hundred years)

8. Explicit meanings are available on the surface of a movie. (True)

9. Often the people making movies may be just as obvious to the cultural attitudes shaping their cinematic stories as the people who watch them. (True)

10. A thorough first viewing is better than repeated viewings to obtain the aesthetic distance required for critical observation. (False)

11. One is required to like a movie in order to learn from it. (False)

12. Thanks to DVDs, VCRs, and TiVo, you can now watch a movie much the same way you read a book. (True)

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