Gilded Crowns “Crown Two”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: @thisloveaffair.

Some place may not be empty, it may be very crowded but you feel like empty, quiet, maybe broken, maybe depressed, or maybe having a wound that won’t heal easily; so you think what I actually think of, escaping, running from everyone, staying in a completely different place than you are in right now. So you think of one thing that takes you away, and becomes your only escape; music.

Song lyrics; that deep, hidden meaning, that no one can understand other than you. It may be the same song that everyone may be listening to, but carries hundreds but thousands of meanings to every person. Some may listen to it as a very sad break up story, some may listen to it as a painful death moment, and some may listen to it as a scary song that reminds them of an event or a choice they made or went through.

When you’re sad or feel depressed, the only reason may not be a bitter love story. Everyone has their own bad experience that hurts, hits so hard when remembering, the song may not be a medicine, it sometimes may be a deadly poison, as soon as we hear the tone, our eyes start filling up with tears wherever we are. But still, listening to some types of songs makes us feel better, maybe regretful but at the same time glad that we got our lesson.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Google.
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