Hallucinations “Hallucination Two”

The picture is taken by me @roadygolden


Rain after that night, she lost her hope. The thing that she really worked for, for two years, was gone on that rainy night. Two days later, something happened to her that made her get her hope back. She was so happy, it was like a miracle, she couldn’t believe that something special like this would happen to her. And the thing is that, the beautiful news came on the following night after that painful rainy night. But Rain had no idea about it.

Rain started preparing for her new path and started planning everything from a very early time. Days passed then weeks, and that’s when she realized that yes the thing that happened was a new chance but this chance had a price. It wasn’t for nothing, because life as it gives you, it takes from you…

Rain was looking a scary look with her teary eyes. “What’s wrong?” Cloud asked when Rain opened her window. “I will be a poison, Cloud. What I’m going for is not who I am. I… I really can’t. I can’t do it… It’s not for me… I don’t belong to this world… It’s too heavy… too much for me.” He stepped slowly into her bedroom. She was taking her breath hardly.

Cloud put his hands on her shoulders, “Rain, what are you talking about? Can you explain slowly? Why would you be a poison? What world that you don’t belong to?” “The world where you poison people, let them die everyday without taking out their souls, killing their dreams and hopes every night, without even feeling it. You just go forward, get promoted, be rewarded, win the jackpot and continue your way with life by trampling on people, pretending like nothing happened. Like you did nothing and guess what? You’re the happiest person alive!” Rain started laughing in a scary way while crying. Cloud looked at her shocked from what she said.

Then Rain stopped laughing and came closer to Cloud, looking at him with her teary eyes, “I’m not that one Cloud. This is not what I wanted. I can’t do it. I can’t be like them. Yes, I hate them, oh gosh I hate them so much, but hating them doesn’t mean that I need to be like them for revenge. Cloud, I’ve always wanted to stay away from people, fly up there. But right now, with what I’m in now, I’m in the middle of them, inside their nests. Their presence suffocates me. And I don’t want to be with them, between them, I want to go to the place where my heart and I belong.”

At that moment, Cloud understood what Rain was talking about. He looked at her for a while, and his eyes started becoming teary, then he smiled a sad smile, and tilted his head, looking at her. She cried more. Then Cloud pulled her both hands and looked at her smiling, then whispered, “You will be okay one day. I promise.”

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