Linking Shades Part Eight

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“You two are dancing in a snow globe ’round and ’round.”

Next week, as there was no Chemistry lecture anymore, I went to my second lecture which used to start at 8:50 AM. This lecture was going good but not perfect, and it wasn’t even related to my major. Anyway, I didn’t see him on that Monday, and actually never saw him again after that Friday night.

Days started passing, and I started feeling bad more and more. This college was not my first choice, and I’ve never thought about studying in it. The college itself was pretty, but I wasn’t convinced with it. I wanted the other one, that gave me an acceptance with a scholarship, but never got the chance to go.

Nothing was going well, and I was not okay. I cut off social media all of a sudden, and stayed away for a whole month from everyone, even myself. And I focused on starting my Basketball practices. I started practicing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As these were the days that I used to go to my classes.

Then, on that Friday night the Halloween party was held in our college, when the actual Halloween was on Monday. I came back home and dropped my 8:50 AM course in the middle of the night. Monday came, Tuesday passed, and Wednesday, going to Thursday when everything changed!

I decided to go to school on that snowy Thursday for the first time. I wasn’t feeling well because I had a back and a leg pain from the basketball practices for a whole two weeks, and on Thursday I wasn’t fully cured but felt like I had to go, just stay away from home. I got into the Recreation Center carrying my basketball, heading to the practice place. And I stood in shock. I saw him!

He was playing basketball, “Give it to me, come one.” “Woah!” He made a shot, then he saw me. I was standing there looking at him surprised. Then he stood in his place frozen, looking at me with a dreamy look. Then some of his friends hit the basketball on him. He turned to them, raising his hands like why did you do that.

Then someone told him, “Dude, I called you, you should’ve caught the ball.” “I’m out.” He said. Then he ran into me. “What are you doing here?” He asked me while smiling. “I came to practice.” “Wait, you practice here?!” “Yes!” “Since when?” He asked surprisingly. “I don’t know, maybe a month!”

“Seriously, I‘ve never seen you here! When do you come?” “On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Usually afternoons and evenings. Depends!” “Oh we practice in the mornings everyday. But today and tomorrow we will only do it in the evenings because the crew have a plan for the mornings.” He said. I smiled.

“Should I go and thank them for this?” He continued, asking me while approaching my face, because he is tall. “Thank them for what?” I asked him slowly. “For making a morning plan for today and tomorrow! Because without it, I would’ve never seen you again after that Friday night.”

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: unknown.

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