Linking Shades Part Five

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I might sink and drown and die.”

And for the very first time, he said, “Good morning.” I looked at him and said, “Good morning.” with a big smile. He was okay but not like before, he smiled lightly, then asked me, “So how was the first quiz?” I looked at him sarcastically and said, “Oh please don’t ask.”

“You know things are not going right, I’ve never had a grade like this in my entire life.” He said to me, “Well, we are two now.” I said. Then the professor entered. When the lecture ended, the handsome guy stood up and told me while smiling, “Put your bag on my chair tomorrow, I promise, I’ll come and sit next to you this time.” I smiled. He walked.

He stopped and turned his face back to me saying, “I’m sorry about the last few days, I wasn’t sitting next to you, but I just had to.” I wanted to ask why but he left immediately to not give me a chance to. The next day, I put my bag on his chair as he told me, then a few minutes later he came in, and asked, “You, cute lady, can I sit next to you?” I looked at him.

He was smiling and looking at me with his ocean blue eyes. It was the first time for me to see his eyes’ color, that close and that clear, they are that type of eyes that you would get lost in. “Oh please do so.” I said. We had a kind of eye contact, meaning, let’s start everything from the beginning.

That’s why he asked me if I could move my bag for him to sit next to me, like we were two strangers, meeting each other for the first time! We actually were already strangers, because till this moment I didn’t know his name! Then he sat with his heavy perfume, saying, “Good morning.” Then he fixed his hair. “Good morning. “I said while smiling hard.

He looked so cute when he raised his hair. “So, our test is in three days, are you ready for it?” I looked at my notebook in a disgusted way, then looked at him and said, “I would lie to you if I said yes. I have a whole chapter that I’m lost at. Don’t tell me that I’m a bad Chemistry student, because I’m not. But it’s just, I’m not having enough time to focus on it.” I said.

“You know that you are describing the exact same thing that is going with me right now. I love Chemistry, but my brain cells are not able to function, they are refusing to function.” He said. I felt sorry for that. The professor came in, and we both opened up our notebooks and started trying to follow up with the professor who is still explaining new materials!

On Thursday, I didn’t come to the lecture because I wanted to study and do my best for the test that we were going to have on Friday. So, my Thursday was so boring. I spent my whole day studying Chemistry and unfortunately I wasn’t able to cover the rest of the third chapter.

So, I ended up going to the test without being ready; and this was the very first moment of my life to do something like this! Anyway, Friday came and I did the test. And the handsome guy didn’t sit next to me because when I came everywhere was already full, and the first row was way too full! So, I ended up sitting in a different seat than my usual one.

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Credits: @instagram / unknown.

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