Linking Shades Part Four

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“The rest of the world was black and white. But we were in screaming color.”

Then he whispered into my left ear, “Stay next to me.” A shiver passed through my entire body, and my heart started beating so fast. I was so surprised, to the way that I wasn’t able to say a word to him. I always used to like Fridays, but that Friday was too white for me.

On the weekend, I was counting the time, so it ends, and I go on Monday to the Chemistry lecture, to see that handsome guy. Chemistry never was my favorite lecture, it always used to be Biology. But he changed my entire balance, Chemistry became my top favorite. And I actually started doing well, even though I was struggling with it because I left it for six years!

When Monday came, I wore red and black clothes to match colors with him. When I entered the lecture hall, I didn’t know where to sit, in the first or the middle row? I closed my eyes, and reminded myself that I’m here for studying and nothing else, because I need to get my high GPA. And the first row was always my usual place.

So, I sat in the first row and put my bag on the chair next to me, to the right. As usual, he came nine minutes late. And walked all the way to the second row and sat exactly behind me. I didn’t notice him. His girl didn’t come today. I looked at the clock and it had already been nine minutes. I kept focusing on the lecture.

As soon as the lecture ended, he carried his bag and walked away. I stood up and glanced at his bag. He was there on the stairs, walking fast. I put my stuff in my bag and quickly ran behind him but I lost him. He left so quickly. Why did that happen? Why didn’t he sit next to me today? I have no idea. Then I told myself, “Okay, probably today was not his day! Maybe not your day too!”

Days passed and we both were not like before. He was always coming to the lecture not smiling, kind of angry, and maybe sad. And for me, I don’t like to give my attention to these things, because my attention always used to be on my grades more than anything else.

Chemistry started getting harder with my other classes, and he was the reason for me to like this material specifically. But he became the reason for me to start losing my attention at this material too. You know when the existence of someone, even when you both don’t talk, just the feeling that he sits next to you makes you good? He was that person.

But he stopped sitting next to me, and he stopped smiling, stopped looking at me. And I started losing all my brain cells for no reason. I hated that. Finally, the day came, where we both had our first quiz. I didn’t do well, and the entire class messed up, and the professor said that he was expecting this, so probably this quiz is the one that is going to be dropped.

So, nothing actually affected my grade yet. But still, there was something deep inside me telling me that there was something wrong. I came the next day after we had our quiz, and sat in my usual seat. Few minutes later, the handsome guy came and sat next to me, on his chair, to my right side after a long time!

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @Eva Toneva / unknown.

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