Linking Shades Part One

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“Deep blue but you painted me golden.”

Stepping into the first day, carrying my backpack on my back, wearing my black skirt, red shirt, with the black bow tie shoes. I was standing in front of the college’s golden gate, looking around at everyone, and didn’t know what to do, or which way to head. I took a deep breath, and stepped with confidence into the walkway. The weather was having a nice cold breeze.

I entered my first Chemistry lecture at 7:45 AM, and sat in the first row, putting my bag on the chair next to me, to the right. Few seconds later, the professor stepped in, and opened up the powerpoint for the first lecture. After nine minutes, a handsome guy stepped in a rush, came late, and paused next to my bag’s chair. He moved my bag, and sat on the chair with confidence.

I looked at him surprised. He didn’t even look at me, he was looking straight at the board like he’s paying attention. He smelled like heavy perfume, and was very handsome. His hair was black and had the hairstyle of Pompadour. He seemed like he was participating in some type of sport. He was wearing a black jeans and a red shirt.

I moved my head after focusing on all these details, and worked on focusing again at the lecture. The next day, I came late to the Chemistry lecture, and found the handsome guy wearing a red T-shirt, sitting on my chair and putting his bag on the chair that’s next to him, to the right. I took a deep breath, and with all of my confidence, I moved his bag and sat on the chair.

He smirked, his teeth were so white and his smile made my heart melt. That day I didn’t focus on any of the professor’s words in the lecture. Every second, I was sniffing his heavy perfume and was feeling so warm. Few minutes later, I laid back a little bit for no reason. One second later, he fixed himself and laid back too.

Then I sat back up on the straight table and pulled up my pencil, then he did the same movement. I tried so hard to control myself and hide my smile. Then I put my right hand under my chin pretending that I was paying attention to the lecture. He put his left hand, and leaned his head on it, and looked at my side instead of looking straight to the board.

My heart fell down, and I slowly looked at him. He wasn’t looking at me! He was looking at the Periodic table that was hanging on the wall behind me. I regained my thoughts and refocused on the lecture. I felt like he was looking at me in a dreamy way, and he was kinda smiling, but I didn’t turn my face at him, cause I knew he would look at the periodic table, again.

On Thursday, as my schedule wasn’t holding a lecture on Wednesday for Chemistry. I came early and sat on my main chair that the guy sat on, on Tuesday. I put my bag on the chair next to me. Few seconds later, the guy came in, wearing a red sweatshirt. And again with confidence he moved my bag and sat on the chair, to my right side.

This time I didn’t look at him at all, and pretended that I was ignoring him, while deep inside I was so happy that he came, and sat next to me with his heavy perfume. When the lecture ended, we both walked next to each other in the hallway without speaking. I was smiling between now and then.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: unknown.

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