Linking Shades Part Seven

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“I think I’m finally clean.”

On Thursday, I saw my grade and it was how I expected. So, I made up my mind that I will drop this course. When I entered the lecture, he wasn’t there at all, he didn’t come to the lecture that day. And on Friday too, he didn’t. So, as he is an honors student, I expected that he has dropped out of this course. I did the same on that day, and dropped the course too.

At night, I was walking outside in the college’s garden and suddenly I saw the handsome guy sitting on a swing under the tree, alone. I took a deep breath and decided to go and talk to him. Yes he has a girlfriend, but we are friends, and this itself makes me happy. So, I approached slowly, suddenly he noticed me and wiped off his tears. He was crying!

I walked faster and put my hand on his shoulder, “Hey, are you okay?” He looked at me with his teary ocean blue eyes. The walkway’s light was reflecting on them. “What happened?” I asked him. He didn’t answer. Then I slowly sat next to him. I got closer to him. I wanted to ask him, but I know myself that when I get sad, I don’t like to talk. So, I understood why he didn’t reply.

I sat there quietly, looking at the sky, it was so clean. And all of a sudden, he put his head on my right shoulder. A shiver moved inside my entire body. And I was about to faint from this beautiful, and scary feeling. Then I moved my head slowly, smelling his hair. His shampoo smell was so good that I wanted to tell him can we stay like this forever.

I wanted to put my head above his head, but I kept reminding myself that he has a girlfriend and I can’t do this to her. I’m not that type of a girl. Plus, I hate to be the second choice. So, I didn’t move at all. Few seconds later, I saw his hand wiping his eyes. He was crying on my shoulder. I couldn’t bear this, seeing a guy crying was just too much for me.

I felt so worried at that moment and started asking myself, like; Was she the reason? Or was it something else? “Do you wanna talk?” I whispered to him. He kind of moaned moving his head like no on my shoulder, and cried more. “Okay.” I said. He closed his eyes and kept his head laying on my shoulder.

I closed my eyes, then looked at the sky, and later at his beautiful smelling hair, and said, “It will pass, no matter what is going on with you, it will pass.” He raised his head and looked me in the eyes saying in pain, “Can you promise me this?” “I can’t promise you about something I’m not sure of, but I can promise you that I’ll be next to you whenever you need me to.”

He stood up, thought for a while, then looked at me, “You promise that you’ll stay next to me, huh?” “Whenever you need me to.” I replied. “Are you gonna do what I ask you to?” He asked. I stood up, saying, “If it will make you better, I will do my best.” He paused for a while, then looked me in the eyes with his red, puffy teary eyes and said, “Can you hug me?”

I stepped back for a second, and didn’t say a word. Just blinked. “See, you don’t even want to hug me when I ask you to.” “I… I can’t. You have a…” “I have no one. No one at all. Everything is just too much for me. I can’t take it anymore.” I, without thinking hugged him. He didn’t move. He kept crying in his place for a couple seconds then hugged me back so tight and crying so deep.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: unknown.

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