Linking Shades Part Six

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“We found wonderland. You and I got lost in it.”

Time passed, and it wasn’t enough for me to finish the final paper so I left it empty. I left the lecture that day feeling so sad and depressed. And the day wasn’t the perfect day of my life, even though it was Friday. On Monday, I went to the lecture, and all of the excited feelings were out of me that day.

I was so quiet and feeling so sad and horrible about my grade that wasn’t uploaded yet! When I entered the lecture hall, unlike other days, the handsome guy arrived early today, and was not late nine minutes. I sat next to him saying, “Good morning.” “Good morning. Feeling bad about the test huh?” He said while looking at me.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It was horrible.” “Well then, let me make you feel better, I left two papers empty.” He said. “What? Why?” I asked surprisingly. “Well, because I said to myself to stay at home and study on Thursday. And I ended up not studying even a word and got stuck with the beautiful family discussions.” He smiled a sad smile to hide his actual sad feelings.

“You are one of the honors students, aren’t you?” I asked him after a long stare.“Well, not here, cute lady, not in this college anymore. I left my wonderland and came here.” His face turned to red like he was filled with a lot of things and wanted to explode. I opened my mouth and wanted to ask him, but the professor started the lecture.

Then the professor said, “So I’m about to be done with grading, but the grades are not so good and I totally understand. Usually this is what happens with students, as it’s their first test.” Me and the handsome guy, both rolled our eyes, like okay and you keep giving us extra materials instead of focusing on the weak points that your students have?!

On Tuesday, I checked on my grade hoping to be able to see it, but no, still nothing posted. The handsome guy came angrily, sat somewhere in the middle row, throwing his bag on the table, without saying a word. I looked at him as I heard the bag hit, he was so mad, he looked at me feeling so sad with no words.

I wanted to say something, but he sat far from me. Then the professor started speaking, so I turned my face. The professor mentioned, “I will not post the grades until the students that didn’t take the test do the make-up, so I can upload the entire grades all at once.”

I opened up my notebook, and started writing down. When the lecture ended, the handsome guy went outside. His girl was waiting for him, she smiled a light smile at him, then they both walked together. She put her hand on his back like calming him down, she seemed like she knew what was going on with him.

I thought they broke up or something! I mean, since that day, his girl stopped attending the Chemistry lecture! Seems like they never broke up, and they are still together. Maybe she just dropped the Chemistry lecture! Anyway, I was walking behind them, I didn’t play the music. Hoping to hear anything, but they didn’t talk at all.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @rawadalzahabi / @digitalight / unknown.

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