Linking Shades Part Two

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

“But somethin’ bout it felt like home somehow.”

He opened the door for me to go out. I smiled at him in the meaning of thank you. Then he moved his head like you’re welcome, and smiled but without showing his teeth, and walked away. I watched him walking alone, putting his left hand in his pocket, carrying his phone in his right hand, kind of scrolling or something.

Then his friend came, and they both started talking and laughing. Then all of a sudden, they both looked at me quickly, they both were smiling in a cute way, then they turned their faces back, and started talking. Seconds later, his friend looked at me and smiled a light smile at me, I did too. I’m pretty sure they both were talking about me.

On Friday, I found him sitting on his chair, but putting his bag on my chair, which is the left one. I ran quickly down the stairs feeling so excited, and moved away his bag and sat next to him. He laid back in his chair and smirked, he seemed like saying, “Here she came, now we can start the lecture.” As usual he was wearing a red sweater.

He always wears red and black, and everyday a different piece of cloth, and every piece is more beautiful than the other. We both were writing in the lecture. That day, the idea was kind of confusing, and we both kept asking the professor to understand. His voice tone was so good.

The way he was discussing it, made me guess his age, he was like 23-24 at least, so he wasn’t a Freshman for sure, he was probably a transfer student like me, or maybe not a transfer, maybe a junior or a senior in this college. When the lecture ended, again, he opened the door for me, and we both smiled at each other.

I really wanted to follow him to know what lecture he had next, but I had another lecture at 8:50 AM that I couldn’t come late to. So, I didn’t. The next week, I stepped into the lecture, but he didn’t come yet. The lecture started and he arrived nine minutes late. I forgot to put my bag on his chair this time.

He approached and paused for a while at me, I glanced at him quickly, then he sat with no words. The lecture was okay that day. We both walked beside each other without talking, and once we approached the door, there was a girl waiting outside. Once we both stepped out the door, the girl smiled so deep and was so happy to see him.

He smiled so hard, showing his white teeth, and was so surprised and said, “You came!” His reaction was like a little kid who went back to his cozy home after a long cold walk. Then they both hugged each other. She was so cute, and she was wearing opposite clothes, like her jeans were red and her sweater was black, matching colors with him.

He later put his forearm on her shoulder, and they walked together. “Okay, he has a girlfriend. You have to forget about him.” I whispered to myself and raised the music volume. On Tuesday, we both entered the lecture hall together, he waited for me to sit on my left chair, then he sat next to me on his right chair. Seconds later, yesterday’s girl came and sat next to him.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: unknown.

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