Night Story Part Ten

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

She stood up looking through her window at the autumn weather and how the orange leaves were falling off the trees. It was raining in a very nice way. She saw someone walking alone, putting his hands inside his jacket’s pockets. She grabbed her latte cup from her office table and drank a sip while watching the man walking.

The man disappeared under the orange trees. She stood for a couple seconds then she closed her curtains. She looked back at her office table and started organizing the stuff. Then she finished her latte cup and went to the kitchen, washed it and went back to her bedroom.

She looked at the painting and smiled saying, “Gosh, you look so real. I didn’t know that I’m a good painter until I drew you.” She smiled, feeling so hopeful. Then she opened up her bed cover, laid down inside her bed, turned off her lamp shade and closed her eyes, smiling, hoping to see him in her dreams again like how he promised her.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @thereaderandthechef / @JOVANVASILJEVIC / unknown.

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