Painful Moments “Moment One”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

In the second week of 2016, I was studying in my sister’s bedroom downstairs; getting ready for my physics exam that I had on the next day, in a school that was an hour and a half far away from home. My sister was sleeping in my room downstairs. It was like 12 am in the morning, all I could remember was that I was sitting on her bed, carrying the book in my both hands and the notebook was next to me. Suddenly, I heard that terrifying sound coming from upstairs. A “No” word. But it wasn’t a normal no like the other no’s that I used to hear. It was so much different. There was a heartburn inside that word; her voice when she was saying that no was so scary, I have never heard her like that way before.

I raised up my head from between my book’s pages and looked at the bedroom’s curtains and a petrifying feeling started running through my body. Deep inside me two voices started mounting; one of them telling me to hurry upstairs and see what was going on, and the other voice, never wanting me to move. This second voice was so confident that if I went upstairs and saw what happened I would never go downstairs back like before, anymore. I stayed for a while so scared trying to hear any other voice, but the silence after that No killed me. I went down off the bed slowly, wore my slipper, taking my breath hardly and step by step, until I reached the bedroom door, and opened it.

I didn’t hear a thing, that silence was horrific, I wanted to step out of the bedroom but I froze in my place. And then she gasped; the gasp after that choking cry. When I heard that gasp and heard her voice crying after that, a shiver passed through all the parts of my body. At that moment I stepped out of the bedroom, looking upstairs with my trembling eyes, and started stepping on the stairs. I didn’t know whether I had to run or go step by step on the stairs, but a thousand thoughts were eating my brain while I was going up those circular stairs. And that was the moment when everything wasn’t normal anymore.

I was three steps more to reach their floor, when I saw her standing, talking on the phone, crying, shaking, trembling, and pleading. I turned my face to him, there was no sound coming out of his body, he was sitting on the couch, with his head leaning, looking up without blinking. He was breathing hard, and his hand was on his heart. I told her to stop pleading but she wasn’t hearing me. I approached him, for the first time he never turned his face to look at me. He was staring at the ceiling. I remember that night my eyes filled with so much tears that I couldn’t feel, but those tears were so different. And yes, I went back downstairs, but never like before anymore.

That wound was the first wound to leave an impact on not only a part of my body, but all over it.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
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