Phantom Nights “Night One”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest. Credit: unknown.

I remember when I lost my points on my college year project. I was feeling so bad, leaving the lecture hall and my eyes were filled with tears, falling around my cheeks. I stood looking at the town, how high the buildings were, filled with lights. While the light cold breeze was touching my face softly. I was crying because I knew that this was a big hit on all my college final scores. Then I heard you from behind, getting closer. I wiped down my tears with my hands. You stood beside me, putting your hands inside your pockets and said, “This time you’re crying too! Is it also because of your parents who came and stayed for only half an hour to see you?”

I suddenly looked at you. Then you continued, without looking at me, “You know? Mine didn’t come to see me this time either!” I stared at you. You were wearing a black suit, with a white shirt, and a black tie. You were looking so elegant, like you were having a celebration or something. While I was wearing a black skirt and a red pullover. “The camp!” I said while looking at you. You finally looked at me and said, “We’re all kids, camp.” “Fourth grade?!” I said. “Fifth grade.” You continued. I immediately smiled and hugged you so hard. Your perfume smell was so beautiful. You half opened your mouth, surprised by my reaction, then hugged me so hard, saying, “You didn’t forget!”

“I never did.” I said and my eyes were teary. You smiled, and felt so warm when I said that. Then I said, “I tried to call you after I left the camp on the number that you gave me. But they told me that it was the wrong number!” “Because it was the wrong number.” You said while hugging me. Then you continued, “I messed up while writing the number, and put number 0 instead of 9. We both laughed. Then we looked at each other, my eyes were so red. “You didn’t change at all. Maybe the little cute girl grew up and became cuter!” You said. I smiled, then said, “You were tall, but you became taller.” You smiled and said, “Should I take that as a compliment?” “Tall guys are always handsome, so I guess you can.” I said. You smiled. Your smile was so cute. Then you said, “I’ll grab you some coffee, to make you feel better.” I smiled with my red puffy eyes, shaking my head (Yes).

Few minutes later, I was carrying the coffee cup in my both hands, sitting on the rock, looking at the town from up. You were looking at me, then you said, “I’m sorry.” I looked at you, asking, “For what?” “For not calling you all these years long.” You answered. “Even if you called, we were kids, and we would’ve never stayed talking till now after I left the camp.” I said. We stayed looking at the town for a while. Then I looked at you and asked, “What did you mean when you said that your parents didn’t come to see you this time too?” “Well, they both were busy with their own work today. And ended up not attending my graduation, which was today. And I told them about it a month ago. I spent the whole day long, hoping they would come for a few minutes at least, but no one showed up; exactly the same as that camp night, 12 years ago.”

You looked at me, and was about to cry. I didn’t know what to say. I remembered when we were kids in the camp, 12 years ago. That night everyone was dancing, while I was sitting on the chair, upset, looking at everyone dancing happily. I was so sad, because my parents came to see me for only half an hour. That night was the first night for me to meet you. You came to me asking why I was upset. I told you about my parents. Then you said, “Well, you’re lucky. At least they came for half an hour to see you, while mine didn’t even show up for a second.” You weren’t crying at all. You were sad, I felt you, but you weren’t showing anything. Instead, you grabbed my hand so we could dance with the other kids. I never forgot how nice and decent you were.

“Do you wanna dance?” I asked you after I stopped remembering. You looked at me surprisingly, saying, “Now? With the coffee cup?!” I stood up, then took your coffee cup from your hands, then played a song on my car’s radio. I pulled your arm, smiling, saying, “Come on!” You smiled. “Few seconds ago, you were crying. If you remember.” You said. “And you, 12 years ago, were feeling so bad, but you pulled my hand, and took me dancing to make me feel better.” You smiled in an emotional way and said, “You still remember everything with details.” “Can I tell you a secret? You were my only wish on every meteor passing through the sky.” You smiled then said, “And you were the only dream that I never wanted to wake up from.”

I don’t know where you are now, or what you are doing. I don’t know if you will be able to read this one day, or not. But all I hope is that you are fine, happy, and doing all your best in whatever major you have chosen. You probably are a graduate student by now. I don’t know if you are doing a Masters, Doctorate or not, but all I know is that I’m so grateful for meeting you. Thank you for the beautiful childhood memory that you left alive in my heart until now.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: @OURGIRLONFIRE / @evaxchris / @Paul Nigam / @philophobiaa / @dhembshuri / @wetheflyest_ / @cocainevinyl / unknown.

Taken from a Turkish series called “Aşk 101” means “Love 101”

Taken from an American movie called “Titanic”

Taken from a French movie called “Pierrot Le Fou (1965)” means “Pierrot the madman (1965)”

Taken from an American movie called “A walk to remember”

Taken from an American movie called “The Notebook”

Taken from an American movie called “Crazy, Stupid, Love”

Taken from a movie called “It Happened One Night (1934)”

Taken from a French movie called “Le Petit Soldat (1963)” means “The Little Solider (1963)”

Taken from a movie called “They Drive By Night (1940)”

Taken from a movie called “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)”

Taken from a movie called “Notorious (1946)”

Taken from a movie called “Only Angels Have Wings (1939)”

Taken from a movie called “People Will Talk (1951)”

Taken from a movie called “Charades (1963)”

Taken from a movie called “Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)”

Taken from a movie called “Grease (1978)”

Taken from a movie called “One Day”

Taken from a Turkish series called “İçerde” means “Insider”

Taken from an American movie series called “The Hunger Games”

For the rest of the photos; I unfortunately couldn’t figure out what movie they were. I’ll work on figuring out.

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