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Roady Golden

My name is Rawad Alzahabi, the translation is Roady Golden to English or Ravat Altınlı to Turkish. I’m a university junior. I speak three languages: Arabic, Turkish and English, and I’m learning the fourth one which is French. I Like site designing, traveling, writing and photographing. While my website is my only break, then Pinterest is my second escape.

My social links are organized from the apps that I’m most active on, to the least active!

Dimana Sweets is a different website I designed. It has actual sweets that my mom makes in her free time. If you are in the USA and you want to taste something different, then go and take a look, it’s worth a try!

Dimana Sweets

A lady who makes sweets and delicious stuff with her feelings, putting her own secret ingredients in each piece.